Vouge: Natural Clinic

Turkey continues to be a medical tourism center preferred by people from many parts of the world thanks to its geographical location, high-tech health facilities in the health sector, and experienced medical staff.

Natural Clinic, one of the companies serving in the field of medical tourism, manages to take the development process in the sector one step further. Natural Academy, another brand of Natural Clinic, provides training services to doctors worldwide in Turkey. Doctors who receive training on hair transplantation from experienced Turkish doctors return to their countries having learned the latest techniques and different application methods.

Buğra Ersin Mürtezaoğlu, the founder and CEO of the group, states that nearly 1200 doctors from more than 60 countries have come to Turkey and received technical training on hair transplantation. Noting that trained doctors have started hair transplantation practices in countries such as America, Canada, and England, Mürtezaoğlu said that he is proud to carry the quality offered by Turkey to the world.

Natural Clinic provides plastic surgery, dental treatments, stomach operations, and hair transplantation services in a 5,000 square meter closed area in Ataköy, Istanbul. It manages to attract the attention of the whole world with its quality applications. Medical education aims to be at the forefront in the coming years with the technical training opportunities it provides under the Natural Academy brand.

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