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Frequently asked Questions

The gallery showcases real-life transformations of patients who have undergone hair transplantation at Natural Clinic. You’ll see before and after photos that highlight the effectiveness of our treatments in restoring fuller, natural-looking hair.

While the gallery aims to display a range of outcomes to give you a comprehensive view, individual results may vary based on factors such as age, hair type, and the extent of hair loss.

The ‘After’ photos are generally taken a few months post-procedure, once the newly transplanted hair has had a chance to grow and blend naturally with the surrounding hair.

Yes, we offer various methods like FUT, FUE, and DHI. The gallery will often specify which method was used for each patient to help you understand the potential outcomes of each technique.

While the gallery serves as a testament to the expertise of our medical team, it’s important to note that individual outcomes can vary. A personalized consultation will provide a more accurate expectation of your potential results.

We take patient privacy very seriously. All displayed photos are used with the patient’s consent, and any identifying features are either removed or blurred to maintain confidentiality.

Absolutely, during your free consultation, you can request to see additional Before and After photos that may be more closely aligned with your specific condition and goals.

Yes, if you’re pleased with your results and wish to contribute to the gallery, you can discuss this with your consultant. Your privacy will be fully protected.

No, the photos in our Before and After Gallery are not digitally altered. They are authentic representations of actual patient outcomes.

To schedule a free consultation and explore your hair transplantation options, simply click on the “Book Now” button on our website or contact us directly.


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