Hair Transplant Costs All Around the World

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Many products claim to boost hair volume or help you grow more hair. However, the majority of them are ineffective. A hair transplant is the most effective way to add or increase hair in a specific region. Would you like to learn about hair transplant costs all around the world?

What Are the Factors Affecting the Hair Transplant Cost?


The cost of a hair transplant varies greatly, and these expenses are often paid out of pocket. A hair transplant is considered a cosmetic procedure by most insurance companies.


The price of hair transplants is determined by a variety of factors. There are some of them:


  • The region where you plan to have a hair transplant

The cost of living in the region where you want to have a hair transplant and the number of doctors performing hair transplantation will affect the hair transplant costs.

  • Technique to be applied in hair transplantation


The cost of hair transplantation can vary based on the technique you prefer or the technique which is suitable for you. The most used DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) techniques have different costs.


  • Your surgeon’s Expertise


You should expect to pay more if the surgeon is considered as one of the best; however, higher costs do not always mean superior skill. For this reason, you should decide on your doctor by doing proper research.


  • Travel Expenses


The doctor is unlikely to charge you for travel costs, but it is something you might do. You may need to travel to find the best specialists, and you can consider these costs before deciding whether or not you can afford the procedure.

Why Should you Consider Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey?


Health and medical tourism in Turkey have progressed rapidly in recent years. This progress is noticeable through experienced physicians, medical staff, medical technology, service quality, hospitality, infrastructure, and superstructure.


Here are some further factors for the popularity and prosperity of medical tourism in Turkey are as follows:


  • Equipped hospitals with advanced technology,
  • Health infrastructure and superstructure,
  • Skilled labor force,
  • Affordable treatment costs compared to other countries,
  • No waiting time for treatment,
  • Hospitals with international accreditation certificate,
  • Provision of vacation facilities as well as treatment services.


For further information, you can check out our “What do you know about medical tourism?”¬†blog.

Why Should You Prefer Natural Clinic?


Natural Clinic takes pride in helping people from over 150 countries, with more than ten years of practice and an award-winning clinic. Natural Clinic offers you an unforgettable experience with its talented and experienced medical team and employees. This accomplished team also offers hair transplant training under the name of Natural Academy to doctors from more than 60 countries.


Apart from these, Natural Clinic assures all your local transfers with our sterilized and VIP cars and accommodates their patients 5-stars hotels at touristic places to provide comfort. Also, communication is no longer a problem with multilingual translators and medical consultants. Even after your procedure, Natural Clinic’s medical consultants will stay in touch to guide you during your recovery and after.


Natural Clinic will be proud to host you on its establishment with 55 hair transplantation rooms and 100 operation rooms in total.


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