Breast Augmentation Options in Turkey

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Breast augmentation, frequently known as a boob job, entails the use of breast implants, fat transfer, or Aquafilling to increase the size of the breasts.

When Is a Breast Augmentation Procedure Necessary?


Woman’s breasts, which are a symbol of femininity, can be disproportionately large or small depending on their body type.


Breast size loss can happen as a consequence of age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and breast cancer. Breast Augmentation surgery can be used to increase the size of the breasts in such instances. People who want to undergo surgery like any other aesthetic procedure must meet specific criteria.

Breast Augmentation Methods


Breast augmentation can be done using a variety of methods and techniques.


What Do You Know About Silicone Fills?


Silicon fillings, which are classified by shape and function, offer pros and cons. The type of silicone padding used depends on the body’s architecture and personal preferences. You can have a thorough consultation with your doctor before the procedure and select the pad that best meets your needs.


*For detailed information, visit our “Breast Augmentation” page.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?


Fat injections cannot be used to correct sagging or deformity in the breasts. Furthermore, the breasts cannot be made to appear enormous in this manner. As a result, fat transfer may not be appropriate for everyone.


Depending on the body and breast structure, numerous techniques for breast augmentation might be used. Although the fat transfer is a great option, implant silicone fillings are recommended for some patients.


*For detailed information, visit our “Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation page.

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: What Are the Benefits?


Some breasts experience volume loss and sagging as a result of aging or other factors.


Aquafilling creates a very natural appearance in the treated area. At the same time, the texture of the breast will be natural, as it was previously. Furthermore, this material remains stationary and does not divide or harm tissues.


Aquafilling is also the most desired procedure for many patients since it provides a natural texture and appearance. Because it corresponds to tissues and does not harm them, and the surgery does not require an incision. Breast Enlargement with Aquafilling is also a low-cost procedure with long-lasting benefits.


*For detailed information, visit our “Breast Enlargement without Surgery” page.

Why Natural Clinic?


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