Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

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What is Breast Reduction Surgery?


Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that creates a more aesthetically appealing breast shape that is more proportional to a patient’s physique by decreasing the amount and weight of big, heavy breasts. A cosmetic surgeon can make the breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer. At the same time, the surgeon can improve breast symmetry and decrease sagging skin.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?


Many patients choose breast reduction to address medical issues such as back, neck, or shoulder pain, shoulder grooves, or discomfort while exercising. However, the treatment also has cosmetic benefits that should not be disregarded.


  • Your breasts will be lifted and tighter, giving you a younger appearance.
  • Bras will become more comfortable and appealing to wear.
  • Your entire look will be more harmonious and appealing with better-proportioned breasts.
  • During the same procedure, stretched areolas and/or large nipples can be corrected. It can make you look better in and out of clothes.
  • Swimwear, sports bras, and form-fitting clothing will improve your appearance and feel, boosting your confidence while training.

Techniques of Breast Reduction


When performing the surgery, cosmetic surgeons can choose one of several surgical techniques; which technique a surgeon will use for any specific patient is determined by the patient’s existing breast anatomy, the kind and amount of tissue to be eliminated, and the patient’s desired results. These techniques are;


  • Breast Reduction with Liposuction
  • Vertical or Lollipop Breast Reduction
  • Inverted-T or Anchor Breast Reduction


Please visit our Breast Reduction page for techniques detailed information.

The Surgery Procedure


Surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. Your cosmetic surgeon will remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin after making the incisions using one of the techniques described above and transfer the nipple/areola complex to a higher, more forward location on the chest. Dissolvable sutures will be used to sculpt and close the remaining breast tissue and skin. During the procedure, the areolas can also be decreased to a more proportionate size.

Recovery of Breast Reduction Surgery


The amount of time it takes you to recover from the surgery is affected by your natural healing speed. As well as the extent of the procedure. You will be able to get up and walk around the day following the surgery. However, you should be accompanied by someone for the first 24 hours.


After stopping taking prescription pain medication, most patients are ready to drive and return to an office job within a week. Your cosmetic surgeon will most likely advise you to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before participating in any exercise other than walking to ensure that your incisions heal properly.

Why Natural Clinic?


Choosing a cosmetic surgeon is the most critical decision you will make if you are considering the surgery. Breast reduction surgery is considered a reconstructive procedure by some in the plastic surgery profession. However, a patient’s primary purpose is rarely just to alleviate body issues without aesthetic concerns. You should have confidence in your cosmetic surgeon’s ability to both decrease the size of your breasts to the appropriate measurement and create a more attractive breast shape that blends in with the rest of your body.


We collaborate with qualified specialists with at least ten years of experience at Natural Clinic to ensure that you have a satisfying experience. If you have questions regarding breast reduction or are considering surgery, we recommend speaking with our medical consultants who can explain how this procedure can benefit you.


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