Chin Reduction Surgery in Turkey

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Chin reduction surgery can improve facial attractiveness by balancing the chin with the rest of the face. The condition of having an overly large chin is known as macrogenia. The condition can significantly decrease facial attractiveness and cause low self-esteem in social circumstances. This type of plastic surgery is frequently combined with rhinoplasty (nose surgery), a brow lift, or other facial harmony operations.

What is the Procedure for Chin Reduction Surgery?


A general examination is performed before the chin reduction surgery, and the operation procedure is decided. During the evaluations, the surgeon plans the treatment based on the patient’s expectations for the size and shape of the chin. Then the procedure is carried out by a plastic surgeon in the proper operating rooms. Excess bones are chopped by penetrating the inner side of the lower lip during such treatments, and the chin is ensured to be at the required size. Bone tissue is transferred into the cavity made by pulling the chin forward during the surgery, which is conducted by cutting the chin bone and pulling it forward. The surgery is completed by using titanium plates and screws to secure the bone.

Who Can Have Chin Reduction Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons?


What are the criteria and factors that patients must meet for chin reduction surgery to be necessary?


  • Chin bone disorders in people over the age of 18,
  • The chin bone protrusion (mandibula, being ahead compared to the maxilla),
  • On the face, there is asymmetry.
  • When compared to the maxilla, the chin bone is behind (micrognathia),
  • The gonion is large.
  • Gonion being ahead,
  • If you have a problem chewing,
  • Speech difficulties.

Recovery Period


In about one week after chin surgery, most patients will be able to return to work or resume their daily activities. They should refrain from strenuous activity and exercises for a few weeks to ensure that the healing process is completed safely. After the second week, bruising will start to fade and may be completely gone in 10 to 14 days.


Minor swelling will last for several weeks, but the patient can conceal it with cosmetics and go about their daily routine. After the bruising and swelling have subsided, the results will be visible in about two weeks. However, full results will take a few months to appear as the swelling subsides.


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