Chin Surgery Options in Turkey

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What is Chin Surgery?


Chin surgery is a surgical treatment used to reshape the chin, either by implant augmentation or bone reduction surgery.


Plastic surgery and other minor¬†procedures on the lower jawline and chin area are frequently performed to improve facial proportions and boost confidence and self-esteem. These techniques are used to enhance the facial features’ harmony.

Reasons for Chin Surgery


Even an untrained eye can detect the necessity for chin surgery in some circumstances. Chin appearance can have an impact on a person’s social life and self-esteem. If;

  • The chin’s proportion to the face or other facial components is mismatched,
  • You have an asymmetrical chin,
  • The chin is very sharp or overly blunt,
  • The chin is prominent or has entirely receded,
  • The teeth do not line up while the mouth is closed.

You might want to consider chin surgery.

Some other conditions may necessitate a second opinion or a more extensive examination, such as an X-ray. As a result, symptoms such as dry mouth, involuntary mouth opening, bad breath, and gum disease may indicate a chin or jaw bone structure problem.

Chin Surgery Options


The process of chin surgery can vary significantly. However, all techniques fall into two types;


Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty)


Implants, transplants, or fillers are commonly used to augment the chin. These methods are chosen based on their resemblance to the natural structure of the body’s characteristics.


  • Implants & Transplants:


The materials must be chosen with care to avoid infection or to decrease the effects that may stimulate an immunological reaction in the body, both of which may result in implant rejection and operation failure. Cartilage or fat tissue from the patient’s own body can also be used in transplants.


  • Fillers:


Fillers can be either synthetic or taken from the patient’s own body. The surgeries based primarily on the use of fillers are usually the least invasive and quickest because the surgery usually consists of injecting a filling material under the skin on specific locations on the patient’s face under local anesthesia.


Chin Reduction (Mentoplasty)


Due to osteotomy, which includes sawing, trimming, or filing down specific parts of the jawbone, chin reduction operations are often more invasive than other procedures. As a result, the recovery time and hazards associated with such operations are also increased.


In some circumstances, the surgeon may choose not to perform an osteotomy. Genioplasty can be used to provide the illusion of a smaller chin.

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Chin?


The alignment of the chin to the face or the best chin structure is a relative issue. Many characteristics, including chin-to-nose ratio, lower-upper lip structure and topics, lower-upper jaw dimensions and proportions, chin symmetry, and face symmetry, should be considered to one another. A skilled specialist or surgeon will assess all the mentioned aspects to identify the most acceptable, aesthetically suited chin structure and which intervention should be performed.

Why Natural Clinic?


Natural Clinic works with experienced specialists with at least 10 years of expertise to provide you with the best care possible. We would be delighted to welcome you to modify your chin appearance and achieve your aesthetic goals.


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