Dermal Fillers Before and Aftercare Tips

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Dermal fillers appear to be used by almost everyone nowadays. The days of celebrities and the wealthy being the primary recipients of cosmetic treatments are long gone. Competition among businesses has become more troublesome as social media and cosmetic clinics gaining popularity around every corner, with clinics providing promotions and discounts year-round. Consumers have more options than ever before, as well as more incentive, to “rejuvenate” themselves.


Aside from visiting a reputable facility and talking with an experienced injector, it is critical to understand how the treatment will be carried out, what to expect afterward, and how to manage the aftercare of your new lips, cheeks, chin, jaw, or face altogether. Read through our thorough guide on dermal filler aftercare to learn how to best prepare for your treatment.

What Are Dermal Fillers?


Dermal fillers, often known as cosmetic injectables, are injections of hyaluronic acid or other compounds injected beneath the skin to improve features and fill the fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen, polylactic acid, polyacrylamide, and fat injections are typical dermal fillers aside from hyaluronic acid.


Most cosmetic injectors state that the effects of dermal fillers endure six to 18 months, depending on how rapidly the body absorbs the fillers which, vary from person to person. It is suggested that you have the dermal fillers every 4 to 6 months to maintain your results. After a couple of injections, you should notice that the results are beginning to endure longer. This situation means that you will have to invest a little more money at first to maintain results, but after your first few treatments, your injections will be more equally distributed.

What to Do and What Not to Do Before Getting Fillers


Please follow the directions below to reduce the degree of bruising and/or swelling at the injection areas.

  • Blood thinners should be avoided.
  • Elude supplements such as Ginko Biloba, primrose oil, garlic, ginseng, and Vitamin E for one week.
  • Three days before the procedure, avoid topical products such as Tretinoin, Retinols, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, or any anti-aging products.
  • Three days before treatment, avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or hair removal lotion on the area to be treated.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours before treatment of dermal fillers.
  • If you have had cold sores on your face before, there is a chance the needle punctures will trigger another outbreak. You might be prone to cold sores, if your answer is yes please inform your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, allergic to any components, or have neurological problems, you should not use dermal fillers.

The Day of the Treatment


During Treatment


  • Come with a clean face that has been washed and is free of makeup to the Natural Clinic.
  • A topical anesthetic may be used to increase your comfort throughout the treatment. A local numbing medicine may be injected into or around the area(s) to be treated in some situations.
First Hour of the Treatment


  • There may be redness, bruising, swelling, discomfort, and/or itching near the injection area after the treatment. It is best not to scratch, massage, or pick at the injection area. This situation is common and usually goes away within a few hours to a few days.
  • We will provide you with ice, bruise-preventing cream and tablets, and bromelain tablets as part of your aftercare, all of which can help to decrease or eliminate potential bruising.
  • As needed, you may use medication your doctor suggests to relieve discomfort.
6 to 10 Hours After the Treatment


  • Elude consuming alcoholic beverages or engaging in intense exercise to avoid bruising.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area (s) to extreme heat until the edema and redness have subsided. Sunbathing, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, and hot wax are all examples of this. Also, intense colds, such as skiing or other winter sports, should be avoided.
  • We recommend applying ointments topically to relieve bruises.
  • Reduce the amount of movement in the treated region (s). You can, however, massage the area if there is a noticeable lump. Firmness may be felt depending on the areas treated and the product utilized. With time, these spots will soften and settle. (usually 1-2 weeks)
  • Makeup and sunscreen can be applied. Also, the area can be gently cleaned with a delicate cleanser.


Are you ready to get the high cheekbones, pouty lips, and awake under eyes you have always desired? The dermal filler will become your new best friend. There is no need to be concerned if you have considered all of the risks and done your homework to select the correct clinic. New and enhanced you waiting for you.


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