Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?


Ethnic rhinoplasty is a treatment tailored to the needs of non-Caucasian people. When it comes to anatomy, concerns, and expectations, Natural Clinic recognizes that each patient is unique. Another significant thing to consider when planning a rhinoplasty surgery is the patient’s racial heritage.

What is the Difference Between Traditional and Ethnic Rhinoplasty?


Both traditional rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty are nose jobs. To make cosmetic improvements, they use the same approaches and processes. The anatomical differences between Caucasian and non-Caucasian noses are the most noticeable distinction. Ethnic rhinoplasty gives particular attention to distinctive nasal structures and facial expressions, resulting in a natural-looking outcome rather than one that has been surgically corrected.


While all rhinoplasties benefit from a surgeon’s skills, ethnic rhinoplasties are much more complicated and can only be performed by the most experienced plastic surgeons.

Which Techniques Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Include?


Bridge augmentation and nasal base reduction are two traditional ethnic nose job techniques. Bridge augmentation may be done using the patient’s nasal or ear cartilage or various implant products compatible with the skin. The nasal base reduction narrows the nose’s overall diameter while also reducing the breadth of the nostrils. Learning surgical limitations is necessary to develop realistic expectations. The aim of ethnic rhinoplasty at Natural Clinic is to enhance each person’s beauty without changing or annihilating their ethnicity.

African-American Rhinoplasty 


  • African-American people’s noses are typically broader and flatter than that of European descent.
  • Generally, African-American rhinoplasty patients want to enhance their nose’s appearance while maintaining their ethnic identity and heritage.
  • Typically, the procedure involves elevating the bridge of the nose and narrowing the nostrils.
  • African-American nasal bones are comparatively short, requiring specialized care in ethnic rhinoplasty procedures.
  • The surgical skills and results-oriented attitude are necessary to achieve a cosmetic result that beautifies the face while respecting and preserving ethnicity.
  • African American skin is typically thicker. This situation makes refining the nasal tip more challenging, requiring specialized expertise and surgical care.

Asian Rhinoplasty


  • Asians’ noses are often thinner, flatter, and frequently broader than people of European descent.
  • Asian rhinoplasty patients want to enhance their nose’s appearance while maintaining their ethnic identity and heritage.
  • Raising the nose’s bridge and, in some cases, narrowing the nostrils are familiar demands from Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Chinese rhinoplasty patients.
  • Natural Clinic’s specialists have the ability and sensitivity to produce a cosmetic effect that enhances the face’s appearance while maintaining ethnicity.
  • Special consideration must be given to the technical challenges that may arise when refining an ethnic nose.
  • Since Asians’ skin is usually thicker, refining the nasal tip is more difficult to enhance.
  • Asian nasal bones can be relatively small, necessitating extra attention in rhinoplasty.

Why Should You Get Ethnic Rhinoplasty at Natural Clinic?


  • We will offer you a rare level of experience and competence, even with the most complex treatments, since our team treats a significant number of patients.
  • Each patient’s age, race, and skin type are taken into consideration by our expert cosmetic surgeons.
  • Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons’ rhinoplasty experience may address various issues, from minor problems to significant malformations.
  • Because of our plastic surgeons’ experience in scarless and hidden scar techniques, you should expect a more natural look after rhinoplasty.
  • Our surgeons take a holistic approach to rhinoplasty, considering the balance and harmony among each area of the face and its proportions.


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