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Have you ever witnessed a smile that takes your breath away or a flawless face that makes you fascinated? And not only in the mirror but also on TV too. Of course, we are talking about Guendalina Tavassi, the famous Italian actress and influencer, and her beloved brother Edoardo Tavassi. They visited Natural Clinic for a perfect touch, and they were also mesmerized by Istanbul.

Which procedure did Guendalina Tavassi choose?


In the various aesthetic options of the clinic, Guendalina’s choices were Eye Contour Lifting by Golden Threads and Juvederm fillers.


Rejuvenating Face Lifting with Golden Thread is a procedure that improves skin tone and elasticity. After the application of golden threads, which are even thinner than hair, tightening, regeneration, and whitening are ensured in the applied areas.


The body absorbs and disposes of these threads, which are similar to tissues, within 180–240 days of administration. Also, the application time can change between 5 to 45 minutes according to the application area.


First of all, gold ensures more skin rejuvenation by increasing tissue circulation. Secondly, the golden thread and face lifting with thread are both non-surgical face lifting treatments. The threads used in this invention have long been used in surgical applications. For that reason they are risk-free.


Additionally, the main component in Juvederm is hyaluronic acid, which works by providing volume to the facial tissue. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in individuals and it boosts the development of connective tissue, which helps to plump the skin (collagen).


Depending on the region to be treated, the operation can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. A small amount of pain-relieving Lidocaine is used in Juvederm injections. Lidocaine will help you to reduce any pain or discomfort you may have during treatment.

An artist’s bright smile: Hollywood Smile Treatment with Edoardo Tavassi


Hollywood Smile Treatment, which is a treatment that directly affects a person’s outlook on life, self-confidence, and happiness, was the choice of Guendalina’s brother Edoardo Tavassi. 


As the name indicated, Hollywood Smile is a smile treatment. This treatment is not only about whitening teeth but also about eliminating other dental problems in the mouth as well as providing whiteness. Patients prefer it because the gums, teeth, and lips appear to be in perfect harmony.


By a majority, it combines three different treatments. These treatments are dental veneers, teeth whitening, and implant treatment. Natural Clinic combines aesthetic surgery and art in the treatment of Hollywood Smile, minimizing side effects and ensuring that you have a healthy mouth with the smile you dream of having.  


Making people be enchanted and having face-dental asymmetry that looks like a part of art is not difficult. With the most expert surgeons, a comfortable environment, and the best staff, it is possible to make your dream come true at Natural Clinic! 


Natural Clinic provides various services for its clients, including Golden Thread Eye Contour Lifting, Juvederm fillers, and Hollywood Smile treatment. For more information, contact us via phone or on our website for a personalized and perfect touch.


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