Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Process

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The recovery time from Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) varies widely from patient to patient because each patient’s body’s natural recovery reaction and pain tolerance are different. Recovery time is also affected by the surgical technique utilized and the amount of additional tissue that needs to be removed. Frequently, gynecomastia surgery recovery typically takes 4-6 weeks.

Gynecomastia Recovery Timeline



  • 2 to 3 Days After Surgery


Following surgery, patients may suffer pain, tightness, or tenderness in their chest. Prescription pain medicine might be used to relieve discomfort as necessary. Some people experience numbness or tingling in some areas. The numbness may last longer than three days if a long-acting local anesthetic is applied.


The anesthetic used in the surgery may cause nausea in some people. Patients may see immediate improvements, but the chest area may appear enlarged. A compression garment is indicated that assist in reducing swelling and discomfort while also promoting healing.


Most surgeons advise complete rest at this time, with only light walking allowed. For the next 24 hours, patients should avoid taking a shower. Some patients may be instructed to sleep on their backs in a 45-degree raised position.

  • 1 Week After Surgery


After one week, many people see a decrease in discomfort and edema. The majority of patients can return to work and engage in light physical activity. Strenuous pectoralis muscle exercises, on the other hand, should be avoided until the patient has received clearance from their surgeon.


If you had stitches placed during your treatment, you may need to see your surgeon get them removed. If a drain was used during your surgery, it may be removed. Wearing compression clothes throughout the day is recommended. Many patients will be able to sleep comfortably on their backs. Sleeping on your side or stomach should still be discouraged.

  • 2 Weeks After Surgery


Most men begin to feel reasonably typical and can engage in a wide range of routine daily activities without pain. Exercise that is too strenuous should be avoided. Sleeping on the sides of the stomach is frequently doable towards the end of the second week. Compression clothing should be worn throughout the day.


  • 3-4 Weeks After Surgery


The majority of patients are given the go-ahead by their doctors to resume routine activities. However, chest-specific exercises should be avoided.


Compression garments are no longer required, and the majority of patients will be able to bathe. The swelling and bruises in the chest have mostly decreased, revealing the procedure’s actual effects.


  • 6 Weeks After Surgery


The sixth week is usually considered the end of the gynecomastia recovery process. Most patients can engage with every exercise type, including heavy chest movements. Patients can sleep in any posture they like. There may still be some swelling in the pecs, but this will go away on its own in a few weeks.


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