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Hair transplant surgery is a popular procedure for a variety of reasons and, most of us want to see the hair transplant before and after photos. We all agree that results matter, whether they be social or professional. For good reason Natural Clinic’s innovative techniques, surgical expertise, and aesthetic abilities have earned us international acclaim; our patients consistently receive excellent outcomes. Our patients’ barbers are frequently unaware that they have had a treatment! This privacy is necessary for patients to feel comfortable.


Patients at Natural Clinic frequently comment on how their perspectives have shifted. Nearly everyone agrees that they perceive more potential in themselves and their circumstances. We place a premium on high-quality results because we understand how important they are to our patients’ daily lives.

The Secret to Hair Transplant Success


Hair transplantation is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures, and it has attained a certain level of success. According to universal criteria, a successful hair transplant should meet specific requirements. These requirements entail significantly more than the transplanted hair follicle’s attachment to the transplanted area.


  • Planning & Consultation


The foundation of successful planning is good consultation. Expectations and existing opportunities are assessed at this phase. First and foremost, you will be informed about the steps of the hair transplant procedure. You will also be knowledgeable about how long the hair transplantation will take and how many grafts will be transplanted. In addition, certain crucial information will be presented, such as how the patient will care for the hair follicles after a hair transplant.

  • Hair Transplant Method Determination


Hair transplants can be done using cutting-edge techniques. The FUT technique, which is already outdated, is only used in specific circumstances. FUE and DHI, on the other hand, are more advanced procedures. Especially, the DHI hair transplant method is significantly more advanced. In terms of making your hair look more natural and allowing the wounds that form during hair transplantation to recover significantly more quickly.


  • A Hairline Planning for a Natural Look


The most important part of a hair transplant is hairline planning. The planning and decision-making process for hair transplantation is significantly more complex than surgery. It is due to certain fundamental decisions, and careful planning is required.


As a result, deciding which clinic to go to, how much money you have available, and various factors must be carefully considered.


*For detailed information you can visit our “Hairline is the Most Important Part of the Hair Transplant” blog.

  • The Density of Hair in the Donor Area


Anyone considering a hair transplant wishes for thick hair. We also want our patients to be as hairy as possible, with as many hair follicles transplanted as possible. The density of hair in the donor area is critical at this phase. A weaker outcome is obtained if the donor area is inadequate. A thicker appearance is achieved if the hair follicles in the donor area are dense and the hair strands are strong.

When You Will See the Final Outcome?


After a hair transplant, the recovery and regrowth process takes time and demands patience. Within the first three months after surgery, shock shedding will occur then the hair will begin to grow. The rate of hair growth differs from person to person. As a result, predicting an exact time to observe the absolute outcomes can be challenging.








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