Hair Transplant: Which Methods are Currently in Use?

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With the help of developing technology and special tools, hair transplantation is now easier than ever and the results are satisfactory to all patients. However, the clinic chosen by the patient is as crucial as the method to be chosen. Natural Clinic combines the latest technology with the highest standard equipment. At the same time, Natural’s experienced medical team implements the hair transplant operation desired by the patients with 100% satisfaction. The most preferred and used methods for hair transplantation are as follows

DHI method


DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. It is one of the frequently preferred methods. The main reason for choosing this method, which has many advantages, is that the procedure is performed without any incision or surgical intervention. In this way, the patient can adapt to his/her daily life more quickly after the operation. In this method, Choi Pen, also known as the pencil technique is applied. Tissues taken from donor hair follicles are frequently applied to the area where hair loss is experienced. This hair transplantation method also gives very successful and effective results because it is applied naturally. In this way, the patient regains his/her former hair naturally with the tissues taken from the donor hair follicles without any surgical procedure.

What is the purpose of the DHI method?

The main purpose of the DHI method is to provide an enhanced hair appearance while protecting the existing hair.

What are the advantages of the DHI method?

In the DHI method, the collected hair follicles are placed in their place without waiting for a long time. Also, there is no risk of root loss, as the root waiting time is reduced. Another advantage of this method is that the natural hair of the patient is not damaged. There is a very rapid recovery period.

FUE Method


FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE method is one of the advanced hair transplant technologies all around the world. Micro-sized cylindrical tips are used in this process.

First of all, the procedure starts with local anesthesia. The hair follicles called grafts collects from the patient are added 2-3 times more than the typical treatment, allowing faster treatment in the transplantation area. The process of collecting hair follicles from the donor area is done with a machine called a micro-motor. Since thousands of roots will be removed from the donor area during hair transplantation, the small size of the tip to be used affects the healing process.

What is the purpose of the FUE method?

One of the purposes of the FUE method is that the patients get the hair image they wished without any surgical scar. If a specialist and an experienced doctor perform the FUE method, then it makes a big difference. The hair that the patient wishes will be natural and as desired.

What are the advantages of the FUE method?

The operation is very comfortable. There are no surgical scars because there is no incision in this technique. In other words, no scalpel is used in the FUE method. Hair taken from the nape area can be preferred not only on the head but also on the mustache, beard, or eyebrow.

What are the differences between DHI and FUE methods?


  • The first difference between the two methods is the variation in their application.
  • The FUE technique is preferred for planting in a larger area, while the DHI method is preferred for more frequent planting.
  • Hair shaving is a mandatory procedure in the FUE technique. In the DHI technique, hair shaving is required only in the donor area.
  • The DHI technique is shorter based on the healing process.

Further questions?

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