Hollywood Smile Procedure and Cost in Turkey

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What is Hollywood Smile?


The term “Hollywood Smile” or “Smile Design” refers to a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that aim to improve the shape, color, and size of your teeth so that they fit flawlessly in your mouth. Crowns or bridges, implants, gingivoplasty, and teeth whitening are among the most popular Hollywood smile cosmetic treatments. Supportive dental treatments such as root canal therapy, composite fillings, and tooth extraction are also provided to ensure that the oral condition is as healthy as needed for the smile makeover process.


Correcting tooth color issues and improving the shape are the main focus aspects of Hollywood teeth. To change the color, size, and position of the patient’s teeth, Hollywood smile veneers, crowns, or teeth whitening can be used. You may need esthetic gum surgery, such as gingivoplasty, to change your gum margins and align them to match your new smile.

Why Hollywood Smile?


As a series of aesthetic dental operations, these therapies are not medically necessary. Some patients may wonder why they require these treatments in the first place. Cosmetic dental procedures result in attractive, white teeth. Patients report feeling more confident in their look following the treatment. Defective smiles can decrease self-esteem, make you more self-conscious, and harm social relationships.


These procedures can address the flaws in your teeth, allowing you to be satisfied with your smile once more. Hollywood Smile treatments benefit patients in highly social professions such as public relations, broadcast journalism, advertising, or marketing, as well as social media influencers and fashion models. A smile that is unattractive to the eye may impact employment chances, such as television appearances or several meetings and greetings. Patients who want more appealing teeth for professional reasons may benefit from this procedure.

How is Hollywood Smile Done?


Porcelain veneers are frequently used in Hollywood smiles. A thin layer of porcelain is applied to the surface of the tooth enamel by the dentist. The process may require up to two sessions; the first session will involve the doctor examining the teeth. A digital smile app may be used to help dentists create a beauty plan for you. The digital design appears to be an architectural visualization in which individuals may preview how their house would look in 3D animation before they build it. The dentist will then take impressions of your teeth to produce porcelain laminate veneers and send the impressions to a laboratory for creation. This should take no more than a week, and the doctor may contact you for a follow-up appointment.


During your second visit, your dentist will complete applying the materials. But first, the dentist will clean the surface and trim a small portion of the enamel. It’s all about creating space in porcelain for laminate veneers and having a rough surface on which to place the porcelain veneers. This indicates that the coating will last a long time. After the procedure, the specific adhesive is used for the veneers for bind them to the teeth. Then the dentist trims away the extra to make the teeth appear natural. Because the veneers must fit perfectly into your mouth, this is a significant step. The dentist may also request that you schedule additional sessions after the application to confirm that everything is working perfectly.

How Long does Hollywood Smile Last?


The operation’s preservation is determined by elements such as the medical team performing it, the materials used, and the patient’s aftercare. It’s a lifelong treatment, and the dental team uses high-quality materials and equipment in a well-equipped dental clinic.


The consultation includes a complete examination using an X-Ray to determine the procedures required to give you a long-lasting Hollywood smile. Dental implants and crowns, as opposed to fillings and veneers, are intended to last a long time. When the treatment is finished, the medical staff will go over the aftercare with you in detail.

Does the Hollywood Smile Treatment Hurt?


This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is that this is a painless procedure. However, some patients claim to be in pain when they prepare their teeth for the veneers. While the dentist is removing part of the enamel, he or she must trim the surface using a small instrument. This is the point at which patients may express their displeasure.

How Much Does the Hollywood Smile Prices in Natural Clinic?


In Natural Clinic, the cost of a Hollywood Smile is € 200 per tooth. The entire cost may vary depending on the patient’s requirements. Dental clinics in Turkey are 70% less expensive than in other countries, with the greatest quality standards. We provide high-quality facilities and the best dentists.

Why Hollywood Smile in Turkey?


Turkey is a famous tourist destination with a wealth of experience in cosmetic dentistry and surgery. Furthermore, conducting the operation in Turkey is easy, secure, and cost-effective. Dental items such as veneers and crowns are extremely expensive in western European and North American countries. We can get you the same high-quality products in Turkey for a much lower price. We save more money by creating items in-house and reducing the number of visits needed.


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