Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

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Hair transplants are a cutting-edge hair restoration technique that can dramatically transform the appearance of thinning or receding hair. The results are natural and realistic looking, but one of the most common questions we get is, “Is hair transplant permanent?”

Is Hair Transplantation a Long-Term Solution?


It is understandable to be concerned about hair transplants’ permanency. In most cases, your hair transplant will last a lifetime. The transplanted follicles from the donor area, assuring that not only will your scalp accept the transplants, but they will also blend in with the rest of your hair in the months afterward. Each follicle will generate hair that grows naturally with the rest of your hair and behaves similarly to the rest of your hair.


While there is a chance that persons with pattern baldness will lose more hair in the future, this can often be avoided by having healthy hairs transplanted into the regions where new hair loss has occurred. However, with proper care, the transplanted hairs will remain strong and healthy for a lifetime.


Our surgeons will consider any family history of hair loss as well as the causes of your own thinning or loss to better predict whether you may lose hair in the future. Learning about the family history allows us to anticipate and predict future operations and design a natural-looking hairline and density.

What Happens If Your Hair Starts to Fall Out?


Hair shedding is common following a transplant, and Natural Clinic will check on your progress to see if it stays within reasonable limits. While your follicles and scalp have been subjected to damage throughout the transplant process, both shock loss and natural shedding may be accelerated.


If your hair is starting to fall out or you are prone to shedding following surgery, your surgeon may be able to offer medicine or supplements that promote and accelerate hair growth.


Depending on the type of hair loss you experience, your surgeon may advise you to postpone your transplant if you are experiencing hair loss at the time of the procedure. They may recommend a later date if you have a condition or illness on your scalp that causes hair loss, a form of alopecia that is still active, or a form of alopecia that is still active.


Each surgeon at Natural Clinic has extensive experience with hair transplant surgeries and aftercare and will approach each patient as an individual. We also offer follow-up care to ensure that everything is going well.


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    Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

    What is the cost for Dental implants for entire mouth? And cost for hair transplant?

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