Labiaplasty Recovery Day by Day

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The postoperative phase following labial reduction or labiaplasty recovery addresses a typical plastic surgery procedure of protruding excess tissue of the labia minora. Most women recover from a labiaplasty in about ten days. During that time, patients can experience minor pain, irritation, a burning sensation, and swelling of the treated area.


Labiaplasty recovery time necessitates is mostly resting. Your doctor would likely advise you to avoid physical exercise, intimacy, and even walking for the first two days. Labiaplasty operations are simple to recover from, and most women can resume their daily activities within 2-4 weeks.

First Days of Labiaplasty Recovery 


  • The first day

The patient can go home immediately after surgery with given anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs. Typically, the postoperative period of labiaplasty healing is accompanied by weak bleeding, but the medications will stop the bleeding.



  • The second and third days

On this day, you will see that the bleeding has stopped. These are the days when you will usually use the “icing” technique, which would also assist with the discomfort. Coldness would also avoid further swelling and complement the irritated skin at the same time.



  • The fourth and fifth days



Even if you are still tired, today could be a good day to start walking around a bit. You will find that your vagina is starting to look natural again on the fifth day, and you will feel the skin healing.


Do not stop icing and taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to avoid any infection.


  • Sixth and seventh days


On the seventh day, it is customary to have the stitches out. The patient will feel better once you have removed the stitches, and the healing will speed up.

First Weeks of Labiaplasty Recovery 


  • The second week of recovery from labiaplasty

After completing the first and most “dangerous” week, there is little left to do but proceed with medications and light exercises.

The icing is not quite as significant as it once was, but you’re still not ready for more intricate exercises or intimacy.


  • The third week of recovery from labiaplasty

If your condition improves, you will be able to sit more comfortably, walk around more freely, and be less sensitive or tender. You will resume a more involved workout routine starting on day 16.


  • The fourth to the sixth week of recovery from labiaplasty

The soft skin and ease of movement would become more commonplace. You will resume your normal activities, but remember that your body will need the whole six-week procedure to heal.


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