Loose Skin Removal Surgery in Turkey

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Weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery or not, has numerous advantages, including improved health. Excess skin, or loose skin that has lost its elasticity, comes with excessive weight loss. Everyday life can be made more difficult and painful by loose skin. The abdomen, back, breast, arms, and legs appear to be the most troublesome body parts. Patients may develop excess skin around the neck on occasion. Fortunately, loose skin removal surgeries can be performed to remove the excess tissue and enhance cosmesis and function.

What is Loose Skin Removal Surgery After Weight Loss?


Skin removal surgery is a range of body contouring operations used to address excess skin folds on the arms, legs, abdomen, and/or buttocks after significant weight loss, allowing patients to obtain a more natural, aesthetically acceptable shape. If you have lost weight and have excess skin, getting rid of it can increase your comfort and self-confidence, make it easier to exercise, and make your clothes fit better.

Why Do You Have Loose and Excess Skin?


Patients with severe weight loss are more likely to have excess skin. Consider a balloon. The rubber is tight and elastic at first, but after being filled with air for several days, it loses its elasticity and becomes loose when deflated. The same can be said for your skin. Although our skin has a natural elasticity, it loses it after being stretched for a prolonged period.


However, it is critical to remember that everybody is unique. Some people may lose a lot of weight and have less loose skin, while others may have a lot of loose skin. Other factors, including your genetics, age, and how long you were overweight, will, of course, influence the quantity of loose skin that remains.

Benefits of Loose Skin Surgery


  • Reduced Pain

Carrying pounds of extra skin can be painful over time. Most patients will notice a decreased discomfort when excess skin is removed as the additional weight is eliminated.


  • Enhanced Mobility

The abdomen is the most common area for excess skin because this is where the majority of the weight is likely carried. Also, the abdominal skin has a high potential for stretching. When you lose weight, you get “the apron” or lose hanging abdominal skin. Loose skin can make it difficult to walk and carry out daily activities.


  • Increased Confidence 

When patients begin their weight loss journey, they are frequently quite thrilled about the potential of reducing a considerable amount of weight and reaching their “dream figure.” Although we mention excess skin as a result of surgery, many patients are unaware of how much it might impact their confidence. Patients will feel more confident in their bodies after having this excess skin removed, and they will be more willing to participate in social activities.

What are the Procedures Involved in Loose Skin Removal Surgery?


Loose skin removal after weight loss is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and goals. There are no two surgeries that are the same. Typically, the surgery consists of a combination of body lifting treatments that are targeted to a patient’s primary areas of concern. One or more of the following procedures may be performed by your cosmetic surgeon;



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    Loose Skin Removal Surgery in Turkey

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