Ready for a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

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Did you ever think of having your Hollywood Smile?

Well… What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a type of cosmetic dentistry in which dental professionals place porcelain veneers on your teeth with porcelain veneer to have a more aesthetic and beautiful appearance inspired by Hollywood celebrities.

Despite everybody having a positive attitude towards undergoing dental procedures like Hollywood Smile, sometimes we cannot have it because it is a highly expensive healthcare service in the world and we may not find the right doctor for the look we want or the operation we need.

Therefore, many people don’t have dental health or the beautiful smile they deserve.

Turkey is a Medical Tourism Leader


On the other hand, Turkey is a medical tourism leader since it has made significant investments in health tourism in the last 10 years. The number of people worldwide coming to Turkey has risen dramatically.

Of course, the number of people preferring to have a Hollywood Smile has also increased visibly in recent years.

There are some reasons why health tourism skyrocketed in Turkey. These are:

  • Rising work quality of the services provided in Turkey
  • A sufficient number of health professionals
  • The presence of specialist doctors both highly educated and experienced
  • Providing personalized treatment plans
  • The affordable price policy that everyone can have the service they want
  • The geographical and central location where people can enjoy their time as they have health and beauty services

Because of all these advantages, lots of people can benefit from high-quality services by highly-experienced experts at affordable prices and reachable positions, and the first choice of those having the question ‘‘Is Turkey good at dentistry?’’ or who like to have a Hollywood Smile is already Turkey.

Statistics also confirm this: According to the data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) 642,000 people visited Türkiye for health tourism in 2021. Thus, a significant amount of this rate consists of people having dental treatment. It is predicted that the number of health tourists arriving in Turkey will be 734,860 in 2022 and 780,754 in 2023.

Feel at home with a safe pair of hands 


Since there are many reasons (some of which are listed above) for not to be late to have the best version of yourself and of course a Hollywood Smile, Turkey has been the first country to come to mind when talking about health tourism.

As Natural Clinic, we provide dental treatments as:

Root Canal Treatment


Dental Implants

-Dental Crowns

Hollywood Smile


You are lucky that everyone can have a tooth and Hollywood Smile that is only made for them healthily and beautifully. We claim that nothing will be the same after meeting with Natural Clinic and you will think that I wish I had this before because Natural has already planned all the processes and prepared your place.

Turkey will be your second home.

Because in Natural Clinic, we make you feel at home


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