Rhinoplasty in Turkey and Recovery Timeline

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How long will your rhinoplasty recovery take? The duration of time required for a nose job to heal is determined by several factors, including the surgical procedures performed and the amount of reconstruction accomplished.


Although the recovery time for a nose operation varies, your cosmetic surgeon will most likely advise you to take a week or two off work to get through the early healing period. Recovery becomes significantly simpler after the first couple of weeks.


However, you may need to wait up to a year to get the full recovery of your rhinoplasty treatment.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week 1


The first few days after a nose job are the most challenging, and you may feel a little uncomfortable. You probably would not be able to breathe through your nose since it will be covered by an external and internal splint or packing in your nostrils. At this point, you should expect swelling and bruising.


You will start to feel considerably better by the end of the week, particularly after your facial cosmetic surgeon removes the splint and any packing.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Week 2


Swelling and bruising fade in the second week and, your nose job will be barely detectable to the untrained eye.


You should be ready to return to work, but you should avoid vigorous activities and heavy lifting at this stage. Also, you should limit your sun exposure after a nose operation because your skin will be remarkably sensitive.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Month 1


Most patients seem and feel recovered after a month of rhinoplasty recovery. Although there may be some swelling, particularly at the tip of the nose, you will be able to notice the initial surgical effects presently.


At this stage, you should be cleared for moderate physical activity. Also, you should be able to use glasses or sunglasses.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 2 – 3


As the swelling in your nose decreases, you will notice it growing more refined day by day. You will essentially be back to your regular schedule at this point because you are practically healed. Contact sports, on the other hand, must be avoided.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: Months 6 – 12


You will be able to return to contact sports after approximately six months. Nasal edema is usually gone by this point, but by the 12-month mark, it is almost always gone. By then, the inside and outside of your nose will have healed. Also, you will be able to observe the entire extent of your recovery.


Rhinoplasty allows you to enhance your overall appearance by improving the shape and size of your nose and bringing it into balance with the rest of your facial features. On the other hand, it is an essential surgical treatment that necessitates the services of a qualified and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon.


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