The Rhinoplasty Industry in the Global and Turkey

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Global Rhinoplasty Industry


The nose reconstruction procedure, also known as nose job or rhinoplasty, is used to correct the appearance of a nose that has been disfigured by trauma or birth defects. Nose reconstruction can be used for aesthetic reasons at the same time because it enhances the shape and appearance of the nose.


According to new reports, the global rhinoplasty industry is projected to hit USD 5.4 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.4 percent over the forecast period. The rise is expected to be fueled by factors as increasing public perception of physical appearance, rapid technological advances in the dermatology industry, and rising disposable income.


Impact of Technological Developments


Technological developments for the products and techniques used in Rhinoplasty surgery choices available to patients are expected to increase. The use of 3D integrated piezotome osteotomy, intraoperative navigation during surgery, and the availability of ultrasound instruments have contributed to improving the operation’s precision. These tools and the upcoming tools eventually will increase the demand and reduce secondary rhinoplasty.


Moreover, the ongoing development of the electromechanical reshaping method for non-surgical rhinoplasty is expected to boost demand during the forecast era. The nose is rebuilt using electric and tiny needles in this operation. The treatment, it is believed, avoids scarring, changes in the sense of smell, stitches, and breathing problems associated with conventional rhinoplasty.


Essential Role of Social Media


Social media also play an essential role in increasing consumer demand. Social media’s widespread presence has spawned a selfie culture and increased the demand for impeccable representation of one’s face. Different photo-editing opportunities provided by social media applications have enabled users to identify the facial changes needed to achieve the desired image, driving demand for a flawless appearance.

Why You Should Choose Turkey for Rhinoplasty?


The ideal location for cosmetic procedures should have a few characteristics. Firstly, the quality of the surgery is essential. Since rhinoplasty, which is a cosmetic procedure, exceedingly affects the overall appearance of people. Another issue is cost. Cosmetic procedures are known as expensive procedures all over the world. Therefore, people concentrate on the low cost after quality. Turkey is the best option as it meets the requirements in terms of both quality and cost.


The low cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey has led to questions about the procedure’s efficiency. When it comes to hygiene, though, the case is the polar opposite. That for several years, Turkey’s health investments have been driven by those values. As a result, it has reached an imposing standard of health quality that is unattainable in most European countries.





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