Tip-Plasty Surgery and Advantages in Turkey

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Tip-plasty surgery is an excellent option for people who have a bulbous or round-tipped nose that makes it difficult to achieve a symmetrical, beautiful appearance. Everyone wishes for a flawless nose, but not everyone is born with one. Noses exist in various forms and sizes, including crooked, round, pointed, and flat noses. Most people want a sharp, symmetrical nose, regardless of their nose shape.



However, unlike other body parts that may be exercised to achieve your preferred body shape, the nose you were born with will not change no matter how much you massage it or exercise. Here’s where tip plasty comes in handy.

What is Tip-Plasty?


The procedure of Tip-Plasty is a cosmetic surgery technique that improves the appearance of the nose tip. This procedure is just for repairing the nose tip and cannot be used to treat other regions of the nose. A tip plasty is for people who have a bulbous nose or a round-shaped nose with fat or flat tip. The process elevates the tip to make it appear pointier and elevated while maintaining a proper angle between the nose and the lips.

Advantages of Tip-Plasty


The procedure offers many of the same advantages as rhinoplasty. A tip plasty can provide you with a variety of benefits, including:


  • Enhances your nose’s appearance
  • Improves breathing
  • Fixes the effects of aging on the nose
  • Corrects nose tip abnormalities

Tip Plasty Procedure’s Recovery


It is possible to feel slight discomfort following a tip plasty, but this is nothing to be concerned about because your doctor will prescribe painkillers. You can also anticipate wearing a nose splint for a week to protect the bones and cartilage in the treatment area.


You must also refrain from vigorous exercise and activities for two to three weeks. Also, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to wear glasses for around four to five weeks, and you should not blow or pick your nose while it is healing.

Why Consider Having Tip Plasty in Turkey?


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