What are Hooded Eyes?

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The beauty of our eyes extends beyond mere aesthetics; they are the windows to our soul, reflecting our personalities and emotions. However, some people might not be pleased with their eyes’ appearance, particularly regarding hooded eyes. This article will explore what hooded eyes are, their causes, and the numerous ways to correct them.


What are Hooded Eyes?


Hooded eyes, also known as “bedroom eyes,” refer to a characteristic where the upper eyelid appears partially covered by the skin crease from the brow bone. This creates a “hooded” look, making the eyes appear smaller or narrower.


What Causes Hooded Eyes?


There are various causes for hooded eyes. While some individuals inherently possess them from birth, others acquire them as they mature. Let’s dive into the common causes.

Underlying Fat and Muscle

The structure of the eyelid is a complex interplay of skin, muscle, and fat. As we get older, our skin doesn’t stretch as well, and the eye muscles can get weaker. This, combined with the redistribution of fat, can lead to the formation of hooded eyes.

Trauma and Medical Treatments

Hooded eyes can also be caused by specific medical conditions or injury in the eye region. For example, surgeries or treatments that impact the muscles or skin around the eyes can sometimes result in a hooded appearance.


How do you know if you have hooded eyes?


Determining if you have hooded eyes might require some observation and comparison.

Hooded vs. non-hooded eyes

In non-hooded eyes, the eyelid is visibly distinct from the brow bone, with the crease not covering the eyelid. However, the crease can descend into hooded eyes, partially covering the upper eyelid.

Hooded eyes vs. droopy eyes

While hooded eyes are characterized by the upper eyelid being covered, droopy eyes, or ptosis, involve lowering the upper eyelid, which can sometimes obstruct vision.

illustration comparison of droopy eyes and hooded eyes.

illustration comparison of droopy eyes and hooded eyes.


Should I See a Doctor for Hooded Eyes?


While hooded eyes are generally not a health concern, they can sometimes impact vision if the ‘hood’ droops too low. In such cases, or if you’re interested in cosmetic changes, a consultation with a medical professional is advisable.


What Are The Ways to Correct Hooded Eyes


There are several methods, both surgical and non-surgical, to correct hooded eyes.


Injectable treatments like Botox and fillers are widely used as non-surgical options to manage the appearance of hooded eyes. Botox provides a subtle lift to the brow by relaxing targeted muscles. At the same time, fillers introduce volume to the eyelid area, helping reshape it and lessen the hooded look. Both treatments offer significant longevity, with Botox typically lasting up to six months and fillers often maintaining their effects for a year or longer. However, as these are non-permanent solutions, periodic treatments are necessary for sustained results. To fully understand the benefits and to create a personalized treatment plan, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with the experienced professionals at Natural Clinic.

Eye Makeup

Specific makeup techniques can create the illusion of a less hooded eye. This includes highlighting the brow bone and using darker shades on the crease.

Eye Lift Creams 

While numerous eye lift creams claim to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of hooded eyes, their effectiveness is often questionable. In fact, the professionals at Natural Clinic do not recommend relying on such creams. The reason is that these topical solutions typically cannot penetrate deeply enough to make a significant difference in the skin’s structure and underlying muscle, which is where the issue of hooded eyes originates. So instead, we promote evidence-based, medically sound solutions to address hooded eyes at Natural Clinic.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a scientifically-proven method that can effectively manage hooded eyes. The process promotes collagen production, leading to a natural enhancement of tightness and firmness in the skin surrounding the eyes. Our trained medical professionals at Natural Clinic administer this therapy, ensuring optimal results and safety. To explore if laser therapy is the right solution for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Natural Clinic.

Thread Lifts

Thread lifts provide a non-surgical approach to subtly lift and firm the skin, effectively addressing hooded eyes. In this procedure, temporary sutures are skillfully placed to achieve a gentle lift. At Natural Clinic, our experienced professionals carry out this procedure with precision and care. To learn more about thread lifts and whether they are the right solution for you, benefit from our free consultation service!

Eye Drops

Certain prescription eye drops can raise the upper eyelid, reducing the appearance of hooded eyes.

Hooded Eye Surgery

Blepharoplasty, commonly known as hooded eye surgery, is a surgical solution for hooded eyes. This procedure involves carefully removing excess skin and fat to reveal a more open and youthful appearance of the eyes. Performed by our skilled surgeons at Natural Clinic, it offers a more long-lasting solution for hooded eyes. To explore the benefits and suitability of blepharoplasty for your specific case, we recommend arranging a free consultation at Natural Clinic.



Which Celebrities Have Hooded Eyes?


Many celebrities have hooded eyes, and they wear them beautifully! This includes Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively, showing that hooded eyes can be unique and stunning.


Does Eyelid Fat Go Away?


Eyelid fat generally does not go away on its own. Fat can accumulate in the eyelids as we age, contributing to a hooded or puffy appearance. Although a balanced diet and regular exercise can reduce total body fat, they typically have little effect on eyelid fat. Therefore, procedures like blepharoplasty are often required to remove this fat.


How Does Natural Clinic Assist in Managing Hooded Eyes?


As a leading medical tourism company, Natural Clinic excels in offering a wide range of medical aesthetic services, including treatments for hooded eyes. Our dedicated team of professional doctors and surgeons provides personalized care for every patient, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial experience.

At Natural Clinic, we recognize that each patient has unique needs and preferences. So whether you’re exploring surgical solutions such as blepharoplasty, or non-invasive options like injectables, laser therapy, or thread lifts, our team is well-equipped to provide the highest quality care.

We work closely with our patients to devise the best treatment plan, considering factors like overall health, expectations, and desired outcomes. Then, with the help of state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based techniques, we are committed to delivering effective results.

Moreover, Natural Clinic extends its care beyond the procedure, offering comprehensive post-operative care and guidance. This ensures a seamless recovery process and aids in achieving the best possible results.

Remember, the decision to modify the appearance of your eyes is deeply personal. At Natural Clinic, we stand ready to support your journey, offering expert medical advice and top-notch aesthetic services. Consulting with our professionals before deciding on treatments or procedures is recommended.


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