What Should I Consider Most After Bariatric Surgery?

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Obesity is one of the most common problems of our age. Excessive weight gain and uncontrolled nutrition cause psychological and physical damage to the patient. Bariatric surgery is applied to three different methods to help the patient get rid of their excess weight. Thus, the patient can continue his/her’s life comfortably with a healthier and normal weight.

Nutrition and Supplements after Bariatric Surgery


The healing process and recovery speed are crucial and should be considered. After the surgery, the patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations. Healthy lifestyle choices after surgery not only increase the quality of life but also accelerate the recovery process. After the operation, a liquid diet should be applied, and then pureed foods should be used. In other words, the patient should not eat fatty and difficult-to-digest food and should not overload his/her stomach.

Besides, the patient may have to take vitamin supplements, vitamin D, calcium, and in some cases, B12 supplements can be taken as vitamin support. Along with vitamins, the patient’s protein intake Is also important, and it is recommended to take an average of 60 to 100 grams of protein per day.

Also, the patient should stay away from cookies, cake, juice, sugar, or other confectionery as much as possible. Limiting and reducing the use of such foods increases weight loss and enables the patient to achieve more successful results. Drinking water is very important in the healing process. The patient should avoid dehydration and drink plenty of water. Water also accelerates fat burning and is effective in losing weight. The patient should consume an average of 2-3 liters of water per day.

Exercise after Bariatric Surgery


In addition to a healthy diet, exercise is also considerable and effective in the healing process. Activities with brisk walking, swimming, and other exercises should not be done without consulting a doctor. Exercises should be increased gradually and should be done regularly, while applying the exercises, the doctor’s advice should be followed. The patient should not tire herself/himself for a few days after surgery.

Exercises can be started with 160-170 minutes in the first week. Strenuous exercises without providing adequate condition and warm-up may cause injuries. Therefore, the patient should choose the appropriate exercises. Generally, cardio and strength exercises are recommended for patients, as well as hot water exercises. For abdominal muscle exercises, the patient should wait for the doctor’s approval.

Psychological Support after Bariatric Surgery


The patient experiences significant changes in his/her lifestyle and body after surgery, so it is natural to have concerns about what other people think of the patient. During the healing process, the patient also experiences psychological relief. However, an experienced psychologist can accelerate recovery. In addition to psychological relaxation, the patient’s marriage, friendship, and work relationships can be strained. The patient can get help from a psychologist to deal with such problems. At the end of the healing process, if the person has adopted a healthy lifestyle and followed the doctor’s recommendations, it means that he has had a very healthy recovery process.

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    What Should I Consider Most After Bariatric Surgery?

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