Why 365 Days Star Michele Morrone is in Turkey?

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Michele Morrone, an Italian model, actor, and singer best known for his part in the Netflix movie 365 Days, visited Natural Clinic. He’s been flooded with offers and has seen a significant increase in his fan base. The actor knows what his fans exactly want and is giving them exactly what they want.

Do You Want to Know the Specifics?


Morrone visited Natural Clinic for a dental check-up which he deserved after filming the long and exhausting 365 Days sequel.


Michele Morrone has left his pearly whites to our experienced dentists, with the understanding that he must keep up with regular dental check-ups to ensure that his teeth remain healthy and white. Morrone later spent time in Istanbul, worthy of Turkish hospitality.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Dental Check-Up Regularly?


  • Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums requires regular dental visits.
  • A routine dental visit consists of two parts:

– Check-up

– Cleaning

  • Your dental professional will examine your general oral health and look for any problematic areas during your dental check-up.
  • Your dental professional will remove any plaque and tartar accumulation, as well as polish your teeth during the cleaning.
  • You should see your dentist at least twice a year or as directed by your dental expert.

Do You Want to Know Why Michele Morrone Chose Natural Clinic for His Treatments?



Natural Clinic’s quality management approach has been based on recruiting the best professionals and utilizing the most advanced technology available in the field. At Natural Clinic, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver effective solutions and high-quality services that exceed our patients’ expectations.


Natural Clinic provides various treatments to its patients, including cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants, dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and bariatric surgery, all with a transparent, reliable, and compassionate approach. We also carefully organize and follow-up on our patients’ pre-and post-operative experiences to ensure a smooth operational and recovery period. Our team is dedicated to assuring that patients have a pleasant time in Turkey and receive life-changing results.


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