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Autumn has arrived at our doorstep again! As we enter September, we are all excited to watch nature’s show that will renew itself. Beautiful flowers and nature, which warm us all summer, bid us a temporary farewell to return in spring, with autumn. Yes, nature is like that, it constantly renews itself. Well, together with nature, are you ready to renew yourself and make excellent preparation for the next summer?


As for the beauty of fallen leaves, you will undergo some aesthetic operations and you will grow in a new form. Like butterflies! As summer comes closer, your body will get its best appearance thanks to professional plastic surgeries.


There are many reasons for you to choose autumn for esthetic operations. As you know, cold weather provides a faster and better environment to accelerate the recovery process. Despite, during the warm, hot, and dry weather, the recovery process gets slower. All bodies are normal and acceptable, therewith, we all may want to reach the best version of our bodies, and this desire is completely normal and reasonable. We all are living in a 3D world. Based on this idea, we urge you to prefer having plastic surgery operations in autumn and to choose one of the world’s best countries for medical health tourism, Turkey.


As we mentioned, cold weather is better for the healing process. For example, right after most surgical operations, you have to put ice on the surgery area to prevent swellings and bruises. This is how cold weather will affect your recovery process right after the surgery. Conversely, hot weather causes swelling and edema, so that way, the recuperation lags. In both ways, your body will heal from the surgery but why consider not the easier way? Discover Natural Clinic’s offers, choose autumn to take over your body and meet your new self by the summer.


Some plastic surgery operations require wearing a corset for a while after the operation. In that period, wearing a corset is significant to protect and sustain the new shape of your body. During the summer or spring months, putting corsets on is harder than in the other months. Also, some surgeries require us not to swim for some months after the operations but we all want to enjoy the sea and the pool when the weather is good! Undergo surgeries when you stay at home, and relish life with your new body when you go out! You are not doomed to put stiff restrictions in your life to have plastic surgery.


By considering plastic surgeries in winter or autumn, you will be able to heal faster and your recovery process will be more comfortable, compared to other months.


If it is not obligatory for you to have plastic surgery in warm weather, we highly recommend you consider them in cold weather. Just imagine how fascinating Istanbul will be in autumn and such a comfortable and peaceful process you will experience with us…


Natural Clinic is always happy to welcome you in the heart of beautiful Istanbul!


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