Chin beautification, chin augmentation, or chin enhancement is a process that aims to change the form, shape, or structure of the chin cosmetically. A beautiful and prominent chin structure makes your face attractive. For this reason, Chin Beautification will be one of the most accurate operations you can choose for a proportional and beautiful face.

Operation Summary

Chin Beautification is a procedure where you will not feel pain because it is performed under local or general anesthesia. It generally takes 1-2 hours. This operation varies according to the patient’s condition. Fillers may need to be injected or a surgical operation may be required. Your doctor will examine you before the operation and give you the healthiest information on the subject.


Why Should You Prefer Chin Beautification?

  • The appearance of your chin can significantly affect your self-confidence and, accordingly, your role in social life. Factors such as a good and symmetrical chin appearance, comfort, and quality mouth closure are effective on your self-confidence.
  • If your chin is not proportional to the rest of your face in terms of bigness or smallness, Chin Beautification will solve it. Thanks to the operations performed, the size of your chin becomes proportional to your face.
  • Maybe your chin is asymmetrical, pointed, overly prominent or receding. These problems can be solved by this operation.
  • The lack of a proper closure of your jaw and problems in your jaw bones can cause health problems and discomforts such as dry mouth, mouth opening, gum diseases and bad breath. Jaw operation will increase your quality of life in this sense.



for Chewing

The most important function of the chin is mastication (chewing) and lip continence. Chin helps buttress the jaw against certain mechanical stresses.


Choosing a Mate

Some researchers argue that there would be no difference in chin shape if it weren’t related to sexual attraction because there’s no functional difference.


with Chins

The chin is not just the lower part of your face. It’s a specific term for that little piece of bone extending from the jaw. While it may seem odd, humans are the only creatures that has one.







The success of a chin beatification operation is dependent on the elements of the patient’s face and their proportion to each other. That is why surgeons offer their patients rhinoplasty along with the chin beautification operation.

Thus, the surgeon’s experience becomes crucially essential for the success of the procedure and the results.







The complexity and specifics of a chin beautification process may vary. Applying a simple filler to a couple of points and letting the patient go on with their daily life or carrying out a complicated surgical procedure includes more invasive techniques are some of the beautification processes.

Since the symmetry and proportion of the nose and the shape, size, and symmetry of the chin are interrelating, chin beautification surgery is often carried out together with rhinoplasty.







To get the aimed result patient should be careful and cautious about the recommendations during the recovery period to avoid complications. For example;

Oral care is critical after the operation. Therefore, oral care must be taken care of strictly following the surgeon’s instructions. Also, after most surgeries, a gum shield is a must for the patient. Provided gum shield must be used, especially during sleeping, to protect the chin.


Chin Beautification Methods

Chin beautification process may vary significantly while all the techniques are under two categories.


Fillers can be either synthetic or originating from the patient's own body. The operations depending mainly on fillers' use are usually the least invasive and shortest ones since the surgery usually involves injecting a filling material under the skin on specific spots on the patient's face under local anesthesia and often nothing else. In most cases, the patient can walk away and return to their daily life after a couple of hours.

Not all chin augmentation operations are as non-invasive or casual as filler injecting procedures, however. Some cases require a more invasive procedure, and the patient will need more time to recover. But if the operation doesn't include osteotomy, such operations are still relatively easy and can be considered quick.

Implants & Transplants

The materials have to be chosen delicately to ease the possible infection or reduce the effects which may trigger an immune response in the body. Both may lead to the rejection of the implant and failure of the operation. Transplants may include cartilage or fat tissue taken from the patient's own body.

Chin Reduction

Chin reduction operations are usually more invasive than other procedures due to the osteotomy involvements. It includes sawing, trimming, or filing down certain parts of the jawbone. Therefore, the recovery time and risks after such operations are also higher.

Applying an osteotomy may be avoided by the surgeon in some cases. Creating the perception of the reduced chin can be achieved by filler, transplants, or implant use.


Chin Beautification Procedure

The procedure may vary from person to person but generally;

Procedure Duration

1-2 hours


Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

1-2 Weeks

Expected Results

Enhanced Chin Appearance

Preferred Method

Depends on the Operation



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