Invisalign, that is, transparent dental plaques, is a new generation orthodontic treatment method that uses advanced technologies and aims to remove the crookedness of your teeth by positioning your teeth. Except for impacted teeth, incorrect positioning in your teeth can be corrected with the treatment method using transparent dental plaques. This is a treatment method for aesthetic purposes and one of the most advanced existing opportunities provided by the developing technology for dental treatments.

Operation Summary

First of all, during the examination, your intraoral photographs will be taken and your intraoral scan will be performed. Images will be taken from your mouth with 3D printers. The results of the digital scans will be reviewed by your doctor and your doctor will approve your treatment depending on the situation. Suitable plates for your mouth will be prepared and delivered to you. You will use these plates until the end of your treatment.


Why Should You Prefer Invisalign Treatment?

  • It’s a New, Acheless Generation:Transparent dental plaques are much less painful than other treatment methods used to position the teeth. However, it should be added that the plaques may cause some pain in the first days of starting the treatment, although it is not a lot.
  • Take Oral Care&Do Not Harm Your Teeth:Transparent dental plaques do not have restrictive benefits like old-generation treatment methods. For example, braces were not easy to use, as is known, and they were not perfect in terms of hygiene as they were not in a snap-on structure. They can also cause wear on tooth enamel. Transparent dental plaques can be easily attached and removed from the teeth, so you can easily take care of your teeth. The plaques produced from SmartTrack material are completely suitable for the tooth structure and do not harm the gums.
  • See The Results Early: As mentioned before, this treatment uses advanced technology methods and before starting the treatment, you can see the pre-treatment image of your teeth and the image that will occur at the end of the treatment on the computer.
  • Functionality: It is possible to make your teeth look smooth without using braces or metal products. For example, transparent dental plaques are also used to support prosthetic treatments in teeth that are healthy but have a defective closure. For this reason, it is possible to say that it can be a versatile treatment.
  • No Risks: It is actually possible to say that Invisalign is a kind of artificial intelligence in today’s world. The biggest risk with this treatment is losing dental plaque. So there are no serious risks.

Let’s Listen to Our Doctor!

Let’s listen to Natural Clinic’s expert doctor Sena Demirtaş and learn all about Invisalign treatment!


What Should You Do During The Recovery Process?

  • Of course, as with all dental treatments, you need to take good care of your new teeth when you come to the end of Invisalign.
  • After your Invisalign treatment is finished, orthodontic retainers will be placed on the invisible back portion of your teeth. Retainers are important for the permanence of the clear aligner treatment and for maintaining the new positions of the tooth; use is recommended. You can learn how and for how long to wear your retainers in accordance with your doctor’s instructions.


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