Terms and Conditions

  • Within the scope of the campaign, Natural Clinic will cover a round-trip ticket for clients who paid €5000 and above at one payment.

  • Campaign is only valid for purchases between 14/11/2022 and 30/04/2023.

  • To participate in the campaign €1,000 worth of deposit must be prepaid to Natural Clinic bank account.

  • Campaign only covers the first round-trip ticket of the patient. Tickets of patient relatives are not under the coverage of the campaign.

  • Campaign only covers economy class tickets. Tickets of other categories are not under the coverage of the campaign. There are no limitations regarding the airline company the tickets are bought from.

  • The patient will pay and obtain tickets themselves to participate in the campaign. Natural Clinic will not be buying tickets for the patient.

  • Natural Clinic will apply a deduction on the total payment of patient equal to tickets value.

  • Under the coverage of the campaign, round-trip tickets worth €1,000 will be deducted from the total price of the package. If the price of the round-trip tickets exceeds €1,000 Natural Clinic will apply a deduction worth €1,000.

  • The patient must register to the Natural Clinic in 7 days, starting from the day of arrival to Türkiye. If not, participation in the campaign will not be valid.

  • The campaign participant must submit their e-ticket physically while making their payment. If the submission of e-ticket is impossible, e-ticket can’t fall under the campaign coverage. (Copy of the e-ticket will be received by the Natural Clinic.)

  • Under the campaign coverage, the official currency of Natural Clinic is Euro. If the payment of the tickets is made in any other currency, deduction from the total price will be done according to the currency rates of the exact payment time.

  • In case the situations; the participant cancels the bought package, or the procedure can’t be performed on the participant, there won’t be any deduction under the campaign coverage.

  • The package price will be set according to the medical information and medical history provided by the participant, and the information will be accepted as the truth. If the tests run by Natural Clinic provides that the information provided by the participant is incorrect or/and not up to date; if the patient has any contagious disease; Natural Clinic reaches to conclusion that the patient is not suited for the operation, Natural Clinic reserves the right of not to operate for the procedure, in case of a condition listed before, and not solely limited to these conditions; Natural Clinic can demand extra payment from the patient. Please contact to be informed about, who and under which conditions can be operated.

  • The person who wants to participate in the campaign declares and pledges that they have read, understood, accepted the terms and conditions; and are able to contact Natural Clinic for information.

  • The Natural Clinic reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.