Vogue Magazine Covers Natural Clinic

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Natural Clinic is on a mission to democratize beauty and allow access to high-quality, affordable healthcare to patients from all over the world.



We had an exciting talk with Vogue regarding Natural Clinic’s innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine, sharing insights and experience in their main areas of expertise: aesthetic surgery, dentistry, hair transplants and bariatric surgeries.

As stated by its Founder and CEO Mr. Mürtezaoğlu, Natural Group is on a mission to integrate the latest technology and advancements in the field of aesthetic medicine, including artificial intelligence and biotech.


‘Turkey has hyper-specialized in healthcare in the last 40 years. So Turkish clinics are currently at the vanguard of medtech, with nothing to envy our fellow European or American colleagues’, continues Mr. Mürtezaoğlu. ‘The spirit of innovation, the desire of granting longer-lasting results, higher-precision techniques, and greater safety, is present, for example, in our Laboratory, in our Academy and our Clinic.’


Aligning with its values, Vogue is promoting Natural in its manifolds: Natural Care, the group’s plant-based brand of creams and cosmetic products, but also Natural Clinic, the group’s operation centre, and Natural Academy, where Natural Group teach best practices to over 200 trichologists and dentists from +50 countries.

Vogue’s corresponded also visited Natural’s Dental Studio, where they manufacture dental products employing the latest German milling and 3D printing technology.

Natural Clinic operates patients from the entire Europe, including Sweden, the UK, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, hosting patients coming from as far as the US, Japan and Australia, travelling +20h exclusively for our services.

Mr. Mürtezaoğlu points out that the popularity of the procedures varies from country to country. While the US is highly interested in liposuction and body contouring operations, Northern Europeans are rather attracted by facial aesthetics, and Britons and Italians by hair transplants.


Natural Clinic has treated Hollywood Celebrities and football stars, including Michele Morrone and Niccolo Zaniolo, artist Alexandra Stan, Spanish Top Model Elba Prescoli and Elma dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister.


According to its CEO and Founder, ‘Natural Group strives to guarantee patient satisfaction, which is our only guarantee of success.’


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