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Natural Clinic ensures the best DHI hair transplant in Turkey in a dazzling private facility. Including:

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Don’t let an extra hair fall to the ground. Receive a free hair analysis by an elite hair transplant clinic in Turkey, certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


Are You Suitable for a DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplants can permanently reverse hair loss but not all patients will experience the benefits of the procedure. Suitable candidates include:

  • Patients with male pattern baldness
  • Hair loss resulting from injury or burn

DHI won’t work for:

  • Patients lacking donor hair
  • Hair loss caused by alopecia areata
  • Hair loss caused by medication such as chemotherapy


Your Hair Journey at a Glance

Turkish hair clinics’ experience is unrivalled in the world. With 1,020,000 operations in 2023 alone, Istanbul clinics have become expert hosts on top of impeccable hair experts. Natural Clinic’s DHI hair transplant Istanbul package ensures a seamless experience for all-inclusive travel:

  • Duration of the procedure: 6-8 hours
  • Hair Grafts: 2500
  • Hair Boosters: Shampoos & Lotions Included
  • Accommodation: 5* Natural Suites Hotel
  • Transportation: Private Driver
  • Follow-Up: 12-months

Thick Hair in 9 Months: DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Showcasing Real Patient Results with Before and After Comparisons

How Does a DHI Hair Transplant Work?

The DHI method is the most recently developed and advanced protocol allowing to optimize hair transplant results to the max. Direct Hair Implantation consists in two vital steps:

  1. Manual extraction of follicles one by one from a donor area with the use the CHOI implanter pen.
  2. Follicular conservation in the CHOI Pen and direct implantation following a rigorous and precise methodology.

The end results consist in the implantation of the hair follicles in the recipient area, following the patient’s natural orientation and hair density.

The Choi Implanter Pen

The Choi Pen was created in South Korea at the Kyungpook National University (KNU), owing its name to its inventor Yung Chul Choi. It’s the heart of DHI hair transplantation.

In a nutshell, the Choi Pen is a precise surgical tool with a needle and micro-motor that facilitate extraction, store follicles and allows for direct implantation on the patient’s balding areas. This comes with a series of major benefits that we discuss below.

The Complete Procedure Step by Step

DHI combines the incision and implant phases into one. It is precisely this feature, on top of the minimized time between extraction and insertion, that makes DHI the most advanced hair loss treatment.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey allows for up to 2,500 grafts per session, it does not involve head shaving and takes only 3 steps:

Anesthesia and Preparation

Anesthesia is applied for a painless procedure, without the need of shaving the patient’s head. This makes it the preferred option for female hair transplantation.

Patients with a phobia of needles can also opt for needleless anesthesia, with sedation applied with gas instead of injections.

Follicle Extraction

Hair grafts will be extracted from the donor area with the Choi Pen’s micro punches. The tool allows for minimal scarring with a tiny 0.7mm diameter. The most usual extraction areas are the back and sides of the head. Extracted follicles are stored withing the Choi Pen.

Direct Implantation

Extracted hair follicles are directly implanted into the recipient area right after extraction. The diameter of the implantation needle is adjusted to the diameter of the hair roots.

The implantation angle is the most important consideration for the best implantation results. 45º is considered the best angle for skin penetration. Follicles are then released with gentle pressure and inserted in the scalp.

Benefits of DHI

The Choi Pen allows experienced surgeons to control the depth and insertion angle with greater precision than any other technique. This gives the DHI method maximum accuracy compared to FUE and FUT. However, this is not the only benefit of DHI:

  • Direct implantation results in maximum hair vitality and growth rates
  • Direct implantation does not require incisions and leaves no scars
  • DHI allows for greater density than traditional FUE
  • DHI allows for the most natural results due to the precision of the Choi Pen
  • Minimum discomfort and recovery time are observed after the procedure

Natural Hair Transplant Academy

Teaching European Trichologists All There is to Know

From natural hairline design to extraction & implantation, doctors must follow a rigorous training for at least 18-months to be able to master the DHI technique and be hyperspecialized.


Many choose Natural Academy.

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DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

There are hundreds of hair clinics in Istanbul alone, making it impossible to say what the exact price of DHI hair transplant in Turkey actually is. It will vary depending on the clinic and surgeon, just as it varies everywhere in the world. But let’s give you some rough estimates.

You can expect the average DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey to be around £2,000. This is the all-inclusive travel package price, as offered by plenty of clinics. It comprises all of the following:

  • DHI Transplant with Maximum Grafts
  • All Pre-Op tests
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • All Transfers
  • Hair Growth Lotions and Boosters
  • Post-Op Aftercare
  • 12-Month Follow-Up

The price stated by your hair clinic is usually definitive, and it does not vary according to the number of grafts. That is, there are no extra costs.

At Natural Clinic, we provide free consultations and send all-inclusive quotes for free. If you want us to establish the exact cost of a DHI hair transplant in Istanbul:

What Determines the Cost of DHI?

There are several factors influencing the total cost of a DHI hair transplant, most notably:

  • The number of grafts: while the price of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey is fixed and does not vary according to grafts, clinics in the US or UK usually charge by follicular units.
  • Surgeon and Clinic Reputation: the experience, demand and reputation of both the clinic and surgeon play a big role in determining the costs.
  • Geography: the cost of DHI can significantly vary from country to country, city to city and region to region.
  • Technology and extras: the cost can lastly vary depending on any extras, such as post-op lotions and hair boosters, and the use of advanced technology, such as micro sapphire DHI.

DHI Cost vs. FUE

DHI is usually the costlier hair transplant option, due to its greater complexity and use of advanced technology. Prices greatly vary depending on the country and clinic. In the case of Turkey, standard FUE is an estimated £1,700 all-inclusive.

DHI Hair Transplant Price in Turkey vs. UK

The price of a DHI hair transplant in the UK varies depending on the clinic, surgeon and location, ranging from £5,000 to £14,000, or an average £2 to £ per graft.

The huge variation compared to Turkey, where the DHI hair transplant cost varies from £2,000 to £3,000 is very significant. This leads many patients to wonder about what leads to such price difference.

Why is DHI Much Cheaper in Turkey?

Turkish trichologists are among the best trained, more experienced and demanded in the world, operating in clinics of the highest modernity. There are 4 factors contributing to the lower price of DHI hair transplantation in Turkey:

  1. The lower value of the Turkish currency
  2. The lower living and operational costs
  3. Government subsidies to the medical sector
  4. Strong competition within the sector

Is DHI Better than FUE?

Many patients believe that DHI is the better option, but this is not correct. DHI showcases a list of advantages, but whether it is better or not depends on the patient.

Both FUE and DHI have their pros and cons. Patients must weight them and decide which one is best for them.

Advantages of DHI

  • Minimal scarring and faster healing
  • Potentially denser and more natural results
  • Higher precision hair implantation

Advantages of FUE

  • Up to 5,000 grafts in one session (doubling DHI)
  • FUE is therefore better to cover larger bald areas
  • Standard FUE is less expensive compared to DHI


At Natural Clinic, we also propose a hybrid model of FUE and DHI hair transplant, combining the best of both worlds.

Post-Procedure Care and Recovery

Due to its advanced extraction and implantation method, DHI allows for the quickest and easiest healing in hair transplantation. Patients can expect fast improvement in both their donor and recipient areas in just a few days after the procedure.

  • Immediate Post-Op Recovery: patients may experience swelling and mild soreness right after the operation, especially in the donor area. These symptoms can be treated with medication and quickly die out in just a few days.
  • Crusting and Shedding: it is crucial for patients to avoid caressing or scratching the crusts that will naturally form on top of their head. Transplanted follicles will also shed after a few weeks. This is known as the shock phase and is completely normal and temporary. Hair will grow back.
  • Long-Term Aftercare and Results: it is important to follow your surgeon’s indications regarding best aftercare, medication and activity restrictions. Patients can expect to start witnessing clear results 6 months after the procedure. Final results are usually attained 1 year after the operation.

Boost Hair Growth with the Right Products

You can maximize hair growth using proven hair boost products. These include:

  • Aloe vera products: for example, containing chamomile or panthenol
  • Special shampoo lotions: these will be provided by Natural Clinic and include hair packages and boosters

Basic Aftercare Instructions

Your surgeon will provide extensive information regarding what to do to maximize results and avoid trouble. The following is a basic guide of the most important indications:

  • Avoid touching and scratching the surgical area
  • Avoid sweating and sports for at least 1 month
  • Shower following your surgeon’s instructions
  • Don’t wear hats for 1 month after the procedure
  • Avoid sun exposure for 1 month after the procedure
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for 1 month after the procedure

Is Turkey a Good Place for a DHI Hair Transplant?

Turkey’s worldwide popularity for hair transplantation is widely known. The combination of modern facilities, experienced surgeons and affordable prices has turned Istanbul into the hair capital of the world.

Most hair clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive travel packages, offering the possibility of combining the medical journey with a sunny Mediterranean holiday. The cultural and touristic appeal of the country is another major driving force behind Turkish medical tourism.

All and all, patients choosing a reputable, accredited clinic can expect their DHI hair transplant in Turkey to be an enjoyable touristic experience, on top of a successful medical travel.

The Complete Medical Travel Experience

Turkish hospitality shines bright in patients’ medical travel journey. In Istanbul, hair clinics make sure that all your needs and wants are covered on the spot, at all times.

1.     Arrival and Airport Transfer

Your private driver will great you at the airport and drive you to your hotel. He or she will be a clinic representative.

2.     Welcome to Your Safe Hotel

A 30-minute drive will be enough for patients to arrive at their safe haven. Everything will be ready for you to eat, shower and relax after the journey.

3.     1-on-1 Consultation with Your Trichologist

Your hair surgeon will carry out medical test and design your hairline with your accordance. A treatment plan will be tailored and agreed between both parties.

4.     Time for Your DHI Transplant

Under your surgeon’s assistance and supervision, a team will ensure a painless operation. Entertainment options will be available to make your 6-8 hours operation more enjoyable. The surgery will take place under local anesthesia, making it completely painless.

5.     Aftercare

Painkillers will be provided if required. Patients will also be given hair boost products to ensure the best results. Your medical team will provide all instructions and check on you regularly to ensure everything is in order.

6.     Return Home

On the last day, your private driver will drop you off at the airport. Back home, your aftercare team will conduct regular follow-ups and keep on providing instructions and guidance.

Best Clinic for a DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

With its own Training Academy, certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Natural Clinic is one of the best-known titans of DHI hair transplantation in Turkey.

+15 years of exclusive dedication to international patients have ensured our unparalleled professionalism and highest standards. What are you waiting for to get a full head of hair and enjoy an impeccable Mediterranean holiday?


How long do results last for?

As transplanted follicles are immune to hair fall, DHI results are permanent and will last your entire life.

Does DHI damage existing hair?

No, the procedure does not damage existing hair if it is performed by experienced, skilled professionals.

How will I look 10 years after DHI?

Natural hair loss may continue in non-transplanted areas, but transplanted hair is immune to alopecia and will not fall.

Is DHI hair transplantation painful?

The procedure is executed under anesthesia, so it is completely painless. Post-op pain, if any, can be managed with mild medication.

How effective is a DHI hair transplant? 

DHI hair transplantation is the most modern technique in hair reallocation. It is currently one of the best ways of combatting hair loss. It has shown impressive results for more than 30 years, changing the lives of millions of patients worldwide.