All You Need to Know About Zygomatic Implants


You want a full smile makeover but you don’t have enough jaw bone? Good news is, you do have enough jaw bone.

Zygomatic implants allow you to get a full mouth restauration with a severe lack of jaw bone. The best part is you cansave up to 70% on Swiss zygoma Implants with prices starting from $17,000 at Natural Clinic, instead of $65,000 in the US, or £42,000 in the UK.

Basic Operation Overview

Due to the difficulty of the procedure, patients must find highly qualified maxillofacial dentists to get zygomatic dental implants. This often means travelling to another region, or even to another country, to find an experienced professional at a reasonable cost. Here is a quick overview of what the medical journey looks like for Natural Clinic’s patients:

  • Operation Time: 2-4 hours
  • Sedation: General Anesthesia
  • Implant Brand: Swiss Straumann
  • Guarantee: +15 Years
  • Accommodation: 5 Star Hotel
  • Longevity: 15-20 Years

What are Zygomatic Implants?

Zygomatic implants are one of the newest, most innovative forms of dental treatment. Like other types of implants, they work as an artificial anchor providing solid support for dental prosthetics, such as dental crowns or bridges. Except, they are much longer than traditional implants and tilted in a 40° angle.

The length of zygomatic implants allows them to be securely placed deep into the patient’s cheekbone (zygoma), which is a dense bone providing lifelong support. The procedure is meant as a viable alternative for patients lacking enough bone for traditional dental implants.

Are Zygomatic Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

Dentures can be a valid solution depending on the patient’s condition. They are less costly, and they can be done with simpler surgery. Zygomatic implants have their own advantages, too: greater stability, improved chewing and speech function, more natural results, and greater comfort and convenience because you don’t have to remove them.

Zygoma dental implants also present greater durability. If you are lacking bone tissue, dentures might not stand in place for long, which is the main criteria for choosing the zygoma alternative.

The Full Implantation Process

Due to its high sophistication, zygomatic dental implants require considerable surgical training, experience and meticulous planning.

During the procedure, two zygoma implants will be placed on each side of your sinus, guaranteeing maximal solidity.

Here is a quick 6-step overview of how the procedure unfolds at Natural Clinic:

1. Initial Consultation

The first step involves consultation with a specialized maxillofacial dentist. He or she will evaluate your oral health and assess your bone structure, discussing possible treatment plans, results and goals.

 2. Treatment Plan

Upon the preliminary assessment, your medical team will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. This will be carried out following X-ray scans and CTs to examine your dental geography and properly evaluate your bone density.

3. The Procedure

Zygomatic surgery is usually undergone under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will first make incisions in the gums, exposing the underlying bone structure, and then insert the zygomatic implants near the cheeks. Once implants are secured, your gums will be sutured.

4. Crown Abutment

At this stage, custom-made crowns will be securely attached to your implants. Your dentist will make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort and stability. Then, you will awake from sedation and your healing process will start.

5. Healing and Osseointegration

Over the coming months, your implants will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. It is very important for you to carefully follow all medical indications; this is the most crucial phase to ensure longevity and results.

6. Follow-Up and Care

Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to make sure your healing is unfolding properly, and to address any concerns and issues that may arise.

How Much do Zygomatic Implants Cost?

The cost of zygomatic implants varies depending on the surgeon, clinic, location and the implant brand used. To give you a realistic estimate, zygomatic implants cost an average £50,000 in the UK. This often doesn’t include fees such as hospitalization, anesthesia, dental crowns or insurance, so you should only regard it as a base price.

In the US, zygomatic dental implants cost an average $80,000, again not including dental crowns, hospitalization or insurance in most cases. Similar prices are found in Canada and Australia.

The elevated price of the procedure is mostly due to the difficulty of the surgery, added to the small number of specialized maxillofacial surgeons able to perform it. On top of that, there is the cost of the implants themselves. Zygoma are some of the most sophisticated pieces of dental engineering.


How much do Zygomatic Implants Cost in Turkey?

Turkey has acquired worldwide notoriety as a safe medical hub combining high-quality treatments at very reasonable prices.

This is so much so that patients regularly travel to Turkey from as far as Australia to get dental treatment. Prices vary depending on the clinic, surgeon and implant type, but the average cost of zygomatic implants in Turkey remains at $18,000.

This includes:

  • Swiss Straumann implants and crowns (certified)
  • The whole procedure and hospitalization fee
  • 15+ years implant guarantees
  • 5 star hotel accommodation
  • Private transportation in Istanbul
  • Private nurses and aftercare
  • 12-month follow-up

The above information is specific to Natural Clinic. However, many clinics in Turkey offer similar travel packages at similar prices.

Bear in mind that prices shouldn’t be your only consideration. The quality of your dentist and the clinic are the most important choice factors.

If you want to receive a personalized treatment plan, including the full price of your zygomatic implants and medical journey:

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants have their negative sides, such as their cost, or the technical operation they imply. They also present benefits and advantages, however, with regards to other dental treatments:

  1. Safe Procedure: Zygomatic implants are less invasive than bone grafting or sinus lifting
  2. Single Surgery: Unlike traditional implants, zygoma only require a single surgery
  3. Same Day Results: You will leave the clinic wearing your full new smile
  4. Improved Speech and Appearance: Your zygoma will redefine your facial structure in an aesthetic way, while improving chewing and speech more than any other implant
  5. More Confidence and Self-Esteem: Patients reportedly experience a big boost in self-satisfaction

Healing and Aftercare

Proper healing and aftercare will greatly determine the results of the operation. Your dental surgeon will give you a complete guideline to make sure you avoid all complications. The following is a brief, 6-point summarized guide of aftercare indications:

  1. Maintain Strict Oral Hygiene: maintaining oral hygiene can prevent infections and other complications. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, with an antimicrobial mouthwash at the end of your cleaning.
  2. Watch Your Diet: follow all dietary instructions as provided by your dental surgeon. These will include sticking to soft foods, such as soups, creams, pasta, legumes and fruits, until indicated.
  3. Medicate Yourself: take medications as indicated, whether antibiotics, painkillers or contact your dentist immediately should any unexpected symptoms arise.
  4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: smoking and drinking can seriously hinder your results and impair healing. Don’t do it. Keep yourself away from them for at least 2 weeks.
  5. Careful While Exercising: avoid any hard physical activity or contact sports that could endanger your newly placed implants.
  6. Don’t Touch Your Mouth: While you should keep an eye on your mouth to make sure there are no signs of infection, redness or discharge, you should avoid touching and be very gentle while cleaning!

Results of the Operation

Patients can expect the results of their operation to last for 15-20 years, if not a lifetime. This is assuming patients receive zygomatic implants in a hygienic, technologically-advanced clinic under an experienced, highly qualified maxillofacial surgeon.

Maximal longevity also depends on the hygiene, attention and care patients pay to their new smile. If these are maintained, you can expect a permanent dental solution with improved speech and chewing, including a better-looking smile and facial structure, with rejuvenation effects.


Should I Choose Zygomatic Implants or Bone Grafting?

The advantage of zygomatic implants is you will have them placed on the same day. With bone grafting, you will have to wait for months until your jaw heals and you get your definitive teeth.

On the other hand, bone grafting is less costly and requires a simpler surgery. Just like also allows jaw regeneration. But if offers less stability and functionality, which makes them a riskier choice for patients who already lack bone.


Why Choose Turkey for Your Zygomatic Implants?

Patients can receive a high-quality dental treatment in Turkey at a very reasonable price. This includes the same implant brands you would get in the UK or the US (top-tier German and Swiss products), and dental surgeons just as knowledgeable and experienced.

Patients interested in dental treatment in Turkey should just follow basic common-sense precautions, like anywhere else. First and foremost, make sure your clinic is certified by:

You may want to contact those establishments directly to make sure your clinic and dentist are members of such organizations.


The Full Medical Travel Experience

Turkish agencies put in place all measures to ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience. Here is what your dental journey looks like with Natural Clinic:

  1. Arrival in Turkey and hotel transfer

Welcome to Turkey! Your private chauffeur will pick you up at the airport after landing. You will enjoy a VIP transfer to Natural Suites, your accommodation next to the dental clinic.

  1. Welcome to Natural Suites

Patients can now rest after their flight. They are free to lay back, have dinner and sleep before their medical appointment in the coming day.

  1. Consultation

You will meet your surgeon the day after arrival. X-rays will be taken, along with other medical examinations, such as the revision of your medical history and blood tests. A treatment plan will be established in accordance with the patient and surgeon.

  1. The Operation

The operation will be performed under general anesthesia, taking 2-4 hours in total. It will be absolutely painless, including incisions, implantation and stitches. Once the procedure is over, patients will wake up in their own private hospital room and will be provided painkillers.

  1. Aftercare

Once discharged from our clinic, patients will stay in our Natural Suites hotel, just 2 minutes away. This means, patients will be taken care of by our nurses and aftercare team, performing regular checks and remaining just a call away and 5 minutes from you at all times.

  1. Follow-Up

Your private driver will drop you off at the airport for the last goodbye. Once you are back in your home country, we will remain in close contact with you to ensure all is unfolding as expected.

Best Clinic for Zygomatic Implants in Turkey

With its own clinic, dental laboratory and International Academy, Natural Clinic has established itself as one of the the leading dental facilities in Turkey, employing highly qualified dental experts and working in close partnerships with the best implant brands in the world.

With Natural Clinic, patients receive Swiss certified zygomatic implants, treatment by TDA dentists, +15 years guarantees on our products and accommodation right next to our dazzling dental clinic.

What are you waiting to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday and get an arctic-white smile at the most reasonable price?


Are zygomatic implants covered by insurance?

In general, dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of zygomatic implants if they are deemed medically necessary and if severe bone loss in the upper jaw is verified.

Are zygomatic implants safe?

Zygomatic implants are considered safe if the procedure is undergone at a reputable clinic by an experienced maxillofacial surgeon.

Are zygomatic implants painful?

The procedure is undergone under general anesthesia, so it is completely painless. Post-op soreness, if any, is dealt with by taking painkillers.

How long do zygoma last for?

The average lifespan of zygoma implants is 15-20 years. But it can be much longer, depending on the quality of the implant brand and the hygiene and care by the patient.

How long does recovery last for?

The main part of the recovery process will take 3-4 days. Patients can expect their gums, bones and mouth to be completely healed in a few weeks’ time.

What are the cons of zygoma implants?

Zygoma implants are more expensive than the traditional options, while requiring a more technical surgery that only highly experienced dentists can perform.