Eyebrow Transplantation is a great method to restore thinned or almost completely lost eyebrows. Thanks to this procedure, which is frequently preferred by women, eyebrow loss is no longer an insoluble problem!

Our eyebrows significantly affect the expression on our faces and our facial beauty. For this reason, a bushy, healthy, and shaped eyebrow look will increase your facial beauty.

Operation Summary

Eyebrow Transplantation is a procedure performed under local anesthesia and takes a few hours. You will not feel pain during the procedure. During the procedure, the hair taken from the donor area is transplanted into the borders drawn in the eyebrow area.


Why Should You Prefer Eyebrow Transplant?

Permanent Results: Eyebrow Transplantation improves the appearance of eyebrows and changes your facial expression with permanent and best results.
Thick Eyebrows: Eyebrow shape is very important for your eyes to have a more shaped appearance. Eyebrow Transplantation helps you have thick eyebrows even if your eyebrows are shedding or lost.
Increased Confidence: You can always use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows, but they won’t make you feel as confident as naturally thick eyebrows. You will be more confident with thick, angular, and more beautiful eyebrows.
Enhanced Facial Expression: It is a historically known fact that eyebrows play a significant role in describing facial expressions. With the right shape and angle, Eyebrow Transplantation can give you more defined eyebrows. Also, this operation can help you achieve eyebrows that make you look more attractive.
Hassle-Free Operation: You can save time and energy with Eyebrow Transplantation without the hassle of filling your eyebrows with expensive eyebrow products.

Concealing Scars: Eyebrow Transplantation operation can be preferred as a great way to hide scars and burns in the eyebrow area.
Natural Results: If the hair density is well adjusted, the results of the operation will look natural.
Eyebrow Transplantation gives the best and most permanent results.


Reasons for Eyebrow Loss

  • Like other hair follicles on the body, hair loss may occur in the eyebrows from time to time for certain reasons. Eyebrow Transplantation provides a permanent solution to spills and gaps caused by shedding.
  • Eyebrows, which directly affect the appearance of facial lines, negatively affect the appearance and perhaps self-confidence of the person when they are sparse and shapeless or completely spilled.
  • The main causes of eyebrow loss can be listed as follows: Stress and changes in living conditions, burns, accidents and traumas, genetic factors, thyroid-related problems, goiter disease, eczema, side effects of some drugs used.
  • It will be helpful to consult a specialist doctor to understand the root cause of your eyebrow loss. As Natural Clinic, we are here to provide a permanent and effective solution to this problem.

Let’s Listen to Our Doctor!

Would you like to find out everything about Eyebrow Transplant from Natural Clinic’s respectable expert Dr. Tarık Pak?




Facial Recognition

Eyebrows give a structure to the face and thus are a crucial part of facial recognition.


per Eyebrow

The average person has about 250 hairs per eyebrow.


Nonverbal communication

Eyebrows help us understand how someone is feeling.







The doctor decides details about the surgery with a detailed analysis and various health tests. Afterward, the transplantation area is drawn by a pencil, and the eyebrow shape that best suits the patients’ face type is rehearsed.

It is necessary to be careful before and after the procedure because transplant is applied to a delicate area. It is essential to follow the doctor’s advice during the processes.







The number of grafts that will be collected from the donor area varies from patient to patient. According to the decided technique, hair grafts will be taken from the donor area. The roots which will be planted in the eyebrow area must be single root grafts.

The channel direction’s opened at the demanded area for eyebrow transplant should be determined precisely for the natural appearance.







After the eyebrow transplant, there is a long process to the pursuit. After 12 months of the intervention, the final result will appear.

To get the aimed result patient should be careful and cautious about the recommendations during the recovery period. If the patient follows the instructions and their doctor’s advice, they will have a much higher chance of achieving the aimed result.


Eyebrow Transplant Methods

All the hair transplantation methods are not suitable for Eyebrow Transplant since the face area is complex and delicate.


Until recently, the FUE technique was the most preferred method for an eyebrow transplant. However, although it is delicate and advanced compared to previous procedures, the FUE technique also has its risks and disadvantages. Therefore, the DHI hair transplantation method is preferred during eyebrow transplant since it is the most precise and delicate procedure.

One of the reasons why experts prefer this method is, the DHI technique eliminates many risks in the FUE technique. Among these risks, the DHI method eliminates the pits or pores in the skin due to the operation. Another reason for the DHI technique to be considered superior to FUE is that hair follicles spend much less time outside the skin. DHI increases the chances of the hair follicles firmly attach to the skin permanently. Also, it is yielding a much less transplanted follicle wastage ratio.


Despite the advantages of the DHI technique, the FUE technique is still a widely preferred method. Factors such as planting time, budget, and the specialist's experience are effective in the FUE technique.

The main difference between FUE hair or eyebrow transplantation compared to the DHI method is that the opening of the channels by a specialist before the collected hair follicles are transplanted. Although the FUE method's duration is shorter than the DHI method, the roots are kept in a protective solution during channel opening.


Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

The procedure may vary from person to person but generally;

Procedure Duration

4-6 hours


Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

8-9 months

Expected Results

Thick and Curved Eyebrows

Preferred Method




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